Rental Issues

How do I arrange any repairs that might be needed?

Any repairs that are needed on the property should be made clear to your property manager as soon as possible, preferably in writing. Some repairs will be considered urgent, if your health and safety or the property itself is threatened.
In these instances, your property manager will have a repair person attend to these issues as soon as possible.
Non-urgent repairs should also be directed to your property manager, who will organise for these repairs to take place when practical. It’s important not to try and repair the property yourself.

If personal items of mine are damaged at the property, whose responsibility is it?

Your personal property is your responsibility, so any items that are damaged, lost or stolen are not the responsibility of your landlord. That is why it is advisable to cover your belongings adequately with contents insurance.

Can I make any small alterations to the property?

Before making any alternations to your rental property, including small changes like picture hooks etc, ensure you speak with your property manager to get the OK. The best way to do this is in writing so the request can be forwarded to your landlord who will need to provide permission for any changes. Keep in mind changes may also be at your expense, unless agreed otherwise with your landlord.

Where can I find more info about the rules and legislation of renting in New Zealand?

You can always contact your property manager if you’re unsure anything or visit the Tenancy Services website at
Rental Issues