Susan Douglas - AREINZ

Susan Douglas - AREINZ

Residential Sales Consultant

Phone: 07 889 8203
Mobile: 0274 744 605
Email: [email protected]
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Susan is vastly experienced in the business of Real Estate. She has been in the industry since 1984, working in Morrinsville since 1991 and with Harcourt’s KDRE Morrinsville since 2012. As an AREINZ she is thoroughly qualified in the relevant law and processes.

If repeat business is a hallmark of success then Susan is very successful indeed. The strong friendship developed with satisfied clients is another positive string to her bow.

She is a team player and her office regards her as a wonderful member of the company. Susan’s comments “The real estate industry has changed vastly with the huge use of technology since I first came into the business. What hasn’t changed is the personal service that clients expect and should always receive. A real estate agent has to be a people person, a negotiator, a marketer and a person who understands the excitement and sometimes the anxieties that people experience when buying or selling their property.

When I first started in the business I was told the three most stressful experiences in a person’s life is marriage, divorce and buying and selling real estate!! Well I can’t help with the first two, but I can certainly help to make the real estate side as much fun and stress free as possible.

Susan Douglas was outstanding from the very first encounter. She was in possession of a wide range of information, not only about the property but also about Morrinsville in general. Susan’s diplomatic skill became evident. Susan managed everything superbly. She was totally beyond criticism. As well as these skills, Susan remains so friendly and interested and encouraging 100% of the time. She remained in touch and sorted a number of small issues out for us, when she had no obligation to do so. This meant that we eventually chose your Property Management team, from four possibilities, to look after the property long term. She has such a lot of common sense. Issues are sorted so easily and with no fuss at all. Although I am way behind in the office, I decided to let you know ASAP what a terrific representative she is of your firm. You are very fortunate to have her on the team. We have referred another Auckland investor to her this morning.Wendy and Hans Ellehuus
We have known Susan Douglas since early in the year 2000. We met in a search for a new home and were immediately impressed by her business confidence and personal bearing. She instantly instilled confidence in us and put us at ease. Over the following years Susan has demonstrated that our original trust was not misplaced as she assisted us unfailingly on many occasions during this period. We have found Susan to be a person of high integrity; she is honest and straight forward. The longer we have know Susan the more we have come to respect her in our personal contact as well as her business role.Melva and Michael Triggs
We are very happy to recommend Susan Douglas from Harcourts Morrinsville. We found her to be an excellent communicator who was able to resolve difficult situations to achieve a very good result on our behalf. Very professional in all aspects.Michelle and Reg Hedges
We want to thank Susan Douglas for helping us acquire this property in Morrinsville. Living quite a distance away and with the weather not helping at all, it was very difficult to view and assess the property at a convenient time; nevertheless, Susan was very accommodating and did everything possible to negotiate the sale. Very professional in her approach and always with a smile, real pleasure to deal with!Jan and Mike