Our Commitment To You


Here at KDRE, we always endorse a philosophy of excellence in the delivery of real estate services. We like to demonstrate through what we do that we are a proactive, forward thinking and engaged company that treats all of their clients with the utmost respect. At KDRE we believe everybody has individual needs, expectations and ambitions in property requirements, which is why working hard to match a marketing package to our clients needs is of huge importance at KDRE.

Marketing a property for our clients is a huge part of selling a home and on this page you will find an outline of what you can expect when dealing with us. Please have a look through our website and let us know what we can do to help you.

Setting, Meeting and Exceeding Your Expectations

Before your campaign with KDRE you will get:
  • You will receive an advertising schedule
  • A Comparative Market Analysis of properties sold in your area
  • A colour information brochure with property details and photographs is produced and available to interested buyers
  • Your property will be inspected by other sales consultants working in the area
  • The Harcourts Marketing Team will suggest ways your property can be presented to the market
  • Your property will be featured in full colour on our website and Bluebook during the Campaign
  • We will produce a written weekly report on the marketing progress to date and sales strategy in accordance with our Harcourts Promise
  • Regular meetings will be scheduled with your Marketing Consultant
  • We will present all offers for your consideration in writing

We are very happy to complete the following tasks on your behalf without any assurance of ever getting paid anything.

  • Explain the entire process and methods of sale in detail at the outset.
  • Preparing and submitting our marketing proposal.
  • Advising on preparation of property prior to marketing commencing.
  • Liaison with Council when required to ascertain zoning, roading, changes, by-laws, etc.
  • Advising on the necessity to obtain a LIM and Property Inspection reports and how these can otherwise impact on Sale and Purchase Agreements.
  • Preparation of real estate statistics to provide sales evidence of similar properties.
  • Discussing the sale and purchase agreement form, so you understand how offers on your property will be presented.
  • Completing the listing authority contract.
  • Input details of listing into computer, and onto https://www.harcourts.co.nz & www.realestate.co.nz with photographs (using professional photographs if purchased).
  • Details of property distributed through company computer network nationwide.
  • Writing and creation of advertisements, and profile marketing.
  • Sign erection of property.
  • Photographing property (unless professional photography purchased).
  • Displaying photographs in office window.

“Smart, intelligent people NEVER engage professional personnel on the basis of fee or perceived cost charged for that service. Quite the reverse, they hire based on character, reputation, empathy, work ethic and on their record of achieving Premium Results for their clients over and over again.”